UkraineNow Supports Humanitarian Mission with Fuel for Aid Delivery

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A team of volunteers from the "Law for the People" organization  recently embarked on a humanitarian mission to the frontlines in Pokrovsk, Kramatorsk, Sloviansk, Siversk, Chasiv Yar, and Izium, where people are in desperate need of assistance. The journey was fraught with challenges, including a broken-down bus on a road that had been completely destroyed and was under constant shelling. However, thanks to the quick assistance of British volunteers, the bus was repaired and the mission continued.

The situation on the ground has deteriorated since the last visit, with even more towns being shelled. Many residents continue to live in the semi-destroyed basements of their apartment buildings, without access to basic necessities such as electricity, heat, and water. With no other options, they remain trapped in their homes.

The team delivered six tons of aid, including generators, gas burners, flashlights, and other humanitarian supplies.

The mission would not have been possible without the support of UkraineNow, we provided fuel for the journey. The organization “Law for people”  is our steadfast partner, with whom we organize numerous humanitarian missions in the region.

The situation on the frontlines remains precarious, and the need for continued assistance is urgent. UkraineNow's support is crucial to ensuring that aid can be delivered to those who need it most. We are grateful for the unwavering commitment to our donors and their willingness to support this vital work.

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