We Are A Non-Profit Organization based in USA, comprised of volunteers across the world

About our Founder - Artur Kiulian

Photo of Artur Kiulian

Author, speaker, and tech entrepreneur, Ukrainian-born Artur Kiulian is well known for his expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In 2020 with the rise of the Covid-19 emergency, he founded CoronaWhy in an effort to bridge the gap between human potential and the challenges mankind is facing as a result of the pandemic. Likewise, in response to the Russian invasion, he stepped in to help Ukraine.

He set up the platform UkraineNow within hours of the invasion on February 24th.

By using his tech expertise, he mobilized hundreds of volunteers around the world to help evacuate Ukrainian children, elderly and those with disabilities from the war zone. "In a matter of two days, we got 15,000 requests to help" says Artur.

Today UkraineNow comprises of more than 2,000 volunteers working on the ground and assisting the operations remotely and has already helped hundreds of people to find refuge.