УВАГА! Ми звяжемось з вами тільки у разі наявності транспорту, це зараз проблема і ми її вирішуємо.


How to help list

As you may know, recently we had a community call where we talked about our activities. We added links to parts of the recent community call, so you can see team leader speeches and understand team needs even better. (Click on the teams’ names.)
Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Ukraine Now initiative has brought together more than 2,000 volunteers across 20 different nationalities and a variety of languages. They are remotely and locally helping Ukrainians resist the greatest military threat since World War II
  • Providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
  • Evacuation of women, children and elderly people who were in the war zone or lost their homes. 
  • Put humanitarian projects into action to improve living circumstances in demolished villages.
  • Providing informational help to displaced Ukrainian citizens.
plays a crucial role in assisting Ukrainian refugees abroad by providing them with necessary information, for example, what documents you need to translate for the migration, what are the requirements to travel with children, etc., helping with interpretation, official document translation, housing search, etc.
  • join the team for handling housing/information cases
  • to help to gather info in certain country related to refugee situation, i.e. benefits, schools, housing situation, (will be contacted on as needed basis)
  • to help in U.S., become a volunteer who could lead an effort consolidating info on refugee benefits/procedures by state (each state might have additional resources besides federal)
  • recruit more sponsors and hosts in theU.S.
  • become a sponsor at U4U program (check how team leader talks about it on the community call)
  • become a host
has established transport chains since March 2022. It allows to continuously deliver humanitarian aid by buses from our warehouse in Poland to Ukraine. On the way back, we evacuate Ukrainian families who were left without homes to a safe place.
  • to maintain operations with the evacuation from Ukraine and providing humanitarian aid from Poland to Ukraine, we are in need of transport. A fundraising campaign for buying a bus is to be planned. If you can help in any way with providing a bus for our disposal, please let us know
  • support our on-the-ground operations by spreading information among your social circles
takes care of spreading the information about UkraineNow work by all means possible. We publish updates on owned social media accounts. Manage the content of ukrainenow.org. Support the promotion of our project with partner posts, media publications, and volunteer groups.
  • prepare posts for social media resources according to the formulated task, based on provided content plan and materials
  • take on design tasks for social media posts
  • join as an editor for proofreading and approving the texts before posting
  • join as a PR-manager to help grow publicity, cooperate with other organizations
  • join as a marketer
leads outreach efforts to help an organization meet its fundraising goals.
  • If you are a Shopify merchants, you can include UkraineNow in your fundraising efforts either as a percent of cart or link.
  • You can suggest a donor that can help us with our fundraising efforts. Our suggest a donor form is open for business!
  • Create a personal fundraising through the facebook here: go to ->choose nonprofit Radical Philanthropies ->grab an image here Check out the example of the personal fundraising page!
  • You can also get the companies you work for to help us via GoFundMe
  • If you are an employer, you can consider including UkraineNow in your employer's corporate giving program as an additional option to current list of volunteer efforts. It is easy to do, as we are represented at Benevity.org (find out more about it here)
  • Support and share information for current fundraising projects:
maintain the current UkraineNow IT infrastructure such as processes for different teams in Aritable, maintaining and update to the site, and provide services for external requests.
  • Join as a webflow developer to help with representing new projects and fundraising campaigns on the site according to the template. (The task is situational and depends on whether we have a new project or not)
Is in charge of engaging volunteers in current tasks, projects, and teams. Support the flow of newcomers and their onboarding process. Create data of volunteers which can be used as a source of help for volunteer activity inside the organization or within the volunteer organizations network. Keeping the data actual and up to date to be able easy to use it for matching volunteers with the tasks.
  • Placing candidates for the roles (search in the database, contact, do an interview, address to team leaders, follow up, keep actual info in the data)
  • Sourcing candidates within volunteer data
  • Posting vacancies in telegram groups and other platforms (research on relevant groups)
  • Share your experience working with the volunteer community as an HR
  • be in charge of partnerships with Copywriting/marketing schools to engage students helping with marketing media content
created to support teenagers in their desire to rebuild Ukraine and to provide knowledge for successful operating as an entrepreneur. Based on the ideas and educational materials of Thomas Desmond.
  • Join as a translator ENG to UA for the course or separate lectures (Saturdays evenings CET time, starting middle January)
  • Advertising of the course and media support in order to reach the target audience (the announcement of the program will be published soon)
  • Help to spread the word among the target audience by sharing in personal social circles (the announcement of the program will be published soon)
  • Provide consultation from businesses on themes of the lectures
And of course, we are always happy to see new donations, any amount counts! There is no contribution too small. You can also encourage others to donate (check out how Anton, our IT team member shares his personal experience with it on the community call)
    Sharing information leads to awareness, donations, and as a result food and services provided to Ukraine. As Alina, the team leader of the marketing team, said, “When I don’t have the opportunity to help, but I have a will to do so, I simply share the words of other people, because this way people who can help will see this call for help. The power of words cannot be underestimated.” and we couldn’t agree more.