Empowerment and Skill Building: Recap of Future Money Masters Course

New sessions by Thomas Desmond (a business professional with 20 years of experience) were focused on personal finances, business, and investing skills applicable during and after the war. 

Discover how Ukrainian youth became adept turnaround and crisis managers.

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Supply Critical Hygiene Items and Baby Formulas to  Pokrovs'k

The city of Pokrovs'k, Donetsk region is a city with no centralized water supply for weeks and where many families live who have lost everything they had. Learn more...

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250 Gas Burners were delivered to Ukraine

$22 970, or 250 gas burners, were delivered to Balabyne, Kushugum, and Malokaterynivka in Zaporizhzhia region, 15km from the frontline.

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Help Frontnes Territories in Ukraine

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Refugee Stories

Human life is invaluable. With this knowledge, UkraineNow helps families. Our case managers are on call all the time, and we try to provide help with any matters. Each family is a whole Universe with its own story. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine divided people's lives into before and after. You can help them. All you need to do is choose the family or families that touch your heart.
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CDMX46 - Irina (2 women and a kid)

Kharkiv, Ukraine
Cleveland, OH

#USCALA3 - Oksana (single mom with 3 kids)

Mariupol, Ukraine
Pasadena, CA

#USCALA1 - Max and Natasha (2 parents, 1 disabled kid)

Kharkiv, Ukraine
Los Angeles, CA

Ми — неприбуткова організація, зареєстрована у США, що складається з волонтерів у всьому світі

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(4,132 volunteers and growing each day)
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Our Most Immediate Initiatives

#i1 - Evacuation

Helping civilians in need of finding a car/rideshare/transport to get to safer places with safe co-riders.

#i2 - Help in Ukraine

Helping critical infrastructure with most immediate needs such as medical supplies, food, information.

#i3 - Currency in Ukraine

Helping solve monetary aspect and need of cash on the ground due to suspended electronic wires and lack of cash in ATMs.

Still Confused What's Happening? It's a full-scale military invasion.