Provide Gas Burners for Ukraine

Ukrainians living in the frontline are struggling without gas, electricity, and heating. They cook outside and warm up by campfires. We can provide them with critically needed gas burners to cook inside and heat their houses in winter. 

Join us to help entire families survive the cold months.

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Help Frontnes Territories in Ukraine



Enough to supply 200 independent households

As of December 31, we are halfway to our goal with $10,539.55 raised. This allows us to buy gas burners for 105 households!

How a Gas Burner Helps

It’s fast and easy way for people to cook food – outside campfires are not an option in winter. We can’t let families starve and freeze to death. 

Why Gas Burners are the best option: 

  • One filled-up cylinder is enough for a one-week use by four people
  • It’s capable of a 20-hour non-stop work
  • It’s reusable: a cylinder can be filled up at the local gas station
Gas Burner for Ukraine

Donate to Make the Trip Happen

Our current goal: $20,000. It's enough to supply 200 independent households

Buy One Burner


Buy one burner with fill-up to supply one family

Add Any Amount

Donate any contributing amount to top up the overall amount

The trip is planned to make it in time before the coldest nights. You can help us with any amount – every dollar helps

Where the Help Goes

UkraineNow & Law for People gather efforts for Vovchansk, a small town located 3 km from the Russian border.  Our partners from “Law for People" have made dozens of “runs” into the danger zone to deliver tons of food, hygiene supplies, and most immediate aid to the frontlines. On their recent trip to Kupiansk, they delivered 5 tons of humanitarian aid.

With funding, their next trip will bring back the ability to cook and warm up houses to people living in the frontline territories.

About UkraineNow

UkraineNow is a non-profit organization based in the USA, comprised of volunteers across the world. Our goal is to provide immediate humanitarian help to Ukrainians and other nations on the ground. 

We partner with organizations and volunteers to make the impact happen in a matter of weeks instead of months.

$549,619 fundraised

$520,945 spent on initiatives

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