Report: November – February 2023

250 Gas Burners delivered to help people survive the winter

$22 970, or 250 gas burners were delivered to Balabyne, Kushugum, and Malokaterynivka in the Zaporizhzhia region, 15km from the frontline. 

Campaign run by UkraineNow & Law for People


Since the beginning of war, large territories of Ukraine were occupied. These regions were instantly cut-off from electricity, gas or water. At their own risk, civilians cooked outside their homes and bomb shelters as none of amenities were available. 

Even at danger to get under the shelling, cooking outside was crucial to survive. 

After liberation, they are still in danger as the war continues. While the whole Ukraine is bombed daily, frontline villages suffer hourly.

Located just 15 km to the war, russian howitzers reach houses easily, causing massive damage and losses. For people there, the air raid never stops.

“Anytime people hear a whistling sound, they just fall on the ground. They never wait” 
- Artem Solomakha, founder of Law for People

During winter, shellings cause outages of gas and electricity that last for days. A solution should have saved civilians from the danger & help them warm up during colds. 

Solution: Gas Burners

With the initiative of Law for People, a solution has been found: a gas burner. It’s fast and easy way for people to cook food inside their homes– outside campfires are not an option in winter. The price of one gas burner with a fill-up was $100.

  • One filled-up cylinder is enough for a one-week use by four people
  • It’s capable of a 20-hour non-stop work
  • It’s reusable: a cylinder can be filled up at the local gas station

How we organized the delivery

UkraineNow sent a call to donors to collect $20,000.
That would be enough to provide 250 gas burners with one fill-up – so people could start using them immediately.  

Donors from the US, the UK and other countries in Europe couldn't let families starve and freeze to death.
The money was collected in less than 2 months.

91 generous people donated $22 970 in total.  The amount varied from $5 to $11900 – each transaction made this whole humanitarian mission possible.

Our friends from Law for People, who were in charge for delivery,  chose Vovchansk in the Kharkiv region, as the main destination for gas burners.

Unfortunately, volunteers couldn’t reach the village. The road was too dangerous due to the activity of enemy drones and artillery.

To ensure gas burners reach households ASAP, volunteers delivered them to Balabyne, Kushugum and Malokaterynivka in the Zaporizhzhia region, just 15 km from the frontline. 

Next steps

We continue our close co-operation with Law for People. Their trips are extremely dangerous as they visit the Donetsk, Kherson, and other heavily damaged regions. Civilians need help there the most.

We'd wish to supply them with anything that people need on the ground. Thanks to generous donors, we're capable to do so.

The war isn't getting easier or slower. We are thankful to everyone who helps us adapt quickly and stay resilient to new challenges 🙏

"We wanted to ask people to give us some quotes about their life for a video. But they refused. Why? People live in fear that there will be another occupation soon. Even if it's a temporary one. Civilians understand that they will have to survive it somehow.

Not that they are ready to accept it – but they understand that they may temporarily have to wait until they are liberated by the Armed Forces. Therefore, we provided them with gas burners in a very timely manner"

- Artem Solomakha, founder of Law for People

About UkraineNow

UkraineNow is a non-profit organization based in the USA, comprised of volunteers across the world. Our goal is to provide immediate humanitarian help to Ukrainians and other nations on the ground. 

We partner with organizations and volunteers to make the impact happen in a matter of weeks instead of months.

$549,619 fundraised

$520,945 spent on initiatives

About Law for People

Law for People is a non-profit organisation based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Founded in 2020, it focuses on providing legal consultations and assistance for citizens.

Since the full-scale war, Law for People partners with organisations and volunteers to deliver humanitarian aid to the frontline territories – Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, and other regions.

They run extremely dangerous trips every week to cover the most urgent needs of civilians.