Kupiansk, Liberated: Supporting People in Kharkiv Region

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Background. Story of Kupiansk

Kupiansk is a Ukrainian town located 25 miles from the Russian border with a population of approximately 20,000. Many of them had to flee in the first days of the war, on February 27, when Russian forces brutally occupied the town. 

For seven months there was no law, government or functioning public utilities. Then, on September 10 Kupiansk was liberated, together with many other towns in Kharkiv region. 

The daily life of locals. More challenging than ever

Although the occupiers have been “pushed out”, Kupiansk is still a dangerous place. The proximity to Russia and its strategic value (railroad hub) makes it a prime target.

Months of war left families with a lack of food, medicine and hygiene products. And without electricity or heating, families were unable to cook on a daily basis. 

Distributing food and supplies. Photo of volunteers of “Law for People"

A response from Ukraine and the whole world

Our partners “Law for People" (headquartered in Kiev) have been delivering essential humanitarian aid to the people in frontline territories since the early days of the war.  

Operating without regard for their own safety, the volunteers of “Law for People" have made dozens of “runs” into the danger zone, very close to the front lines delivering tons of food and hygiene supplies. Kupiansk was no exception. 

The volunteers called out to communities in Kyiv and Volyn regions, and in a matter of days, they collected 5 tons of humanitarian aid. With funding from UkraineNow, the volunteers made this trip into Kupiansk, delivering aid, food and supplies. All made possible by your donation.

Now winter is upon us. We will continue to act and deliver humanitarian aid. With your generous & important help.

Story from October 21, 2022. 5 tons of aid delivered to residents of Kupiansk. In cooperation with the volunteer organization “Law for People

We are incredibly grateful to “Law for People" for organizing and running the trip, as well as the many individuals who gave a hand to make it happen. Volunteers who were in touch with us are generous and courageous people who struggle every day to make more help reach the newly liberated towns. Their continuous effort makes an impact on the ground, while thousands of supporters worldwide can help us cover the fuel expenses for another trip. 


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