UkraineNow partners with PatronBadge to celebrate donors and supporters of Ukraine

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We are excited to announce our partnership with PatronBadge, another initiative started by UkraineNow volunteers. PatronBadge will help us to engage more donors by issuing them unique digital rewards. It also lets our donors show further their support of our work by easily sharing their earned badges anywhere on the Internet - from Facebook to WhatsApp and Slack.

“Every supporter of Ukraine is sacrificing a lot to help, whether it is hard-earned money or their time and work. We believe that every donation and act of support deserves to be recognized and celebrated,” said Stepan, a former volunteer of UkraineNow and a co-founder of PatronBadge. “This inspired us to create a platform for charities to issue digital badges to their supporters, allowing them to share their achievements on social media, in hopes of inspiring others to follow suit.”

When donating via PatronBadge every donor earns a digital badge with a unique code that they can further customize by adding their name. These badges exist as a unique page on the PatronBadge website, and can be shared on social media. Sharing the badge will preview the badge, donor name, and project title, and will lead others to the donation page.

“We are excited about this solution because it enables our supporters to become advocates for the people of Ukraine, raising awareness of the current humanitarian crisis. By sharing their digital badges, supporters can proudly demonstrate their commitment to the cause and encourage others to make a positive impact. Together, we can achieve more,” says Iuliia, a volunteer manager of UkraineNow.

As for his big vision, Stepan added: 'We envision a world where contributions to good causes are the ultimate status symbol, not the latest iPhone, Louis Vuitton bag, or a luxury car. Rewarding their dedication is the first step in this direction."

You can now donate to UkraineNow next project – Food boxes for Ukrainian families via our page on PatronBadge.

If you supported us before, we will be reaching out to you with instructions on how to receive your digital reward for your continued support. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in need.

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