Humanitarian Aid Delivery to Zaporizhia and Donetsk Regions

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A team of dedicated volunteers from the "Law for the People" organization recently embarked on a trip to the war-torn regions of Orikhiv in the Zaporizhzhia Region and Kurakhove in the Donets’k Region, as well as other small villages located just 10 kilometers from the front line. 

Kurakhove, Donets’k Region

The trip proved exceptionally challenging and spanned several days, with volunteers encountering treacherous roads, destroyed settlements, and constantly shelled crossings.

Compounded by the deteriorating conditions observed during their previous visit, the roads had worsened, and the populated areas faced even more frequent shelling. The number of remaining inhabitants had decreased significantly. 

The humanitarian crisis in many small villages is particularly acute, with the overall health of the residents worsening due to the constant stress endured day and night.

Local residents unable to leave due to various circumstances shared heartbreaking stories of increased mortality rates — some succumbing to shelling, while others suffered sudden deteriorations in their health. The war bears immense grief, sorrow, and destruction.

Amidst these dire circumstances, volunteers sponsored by UkraineNow undertook the mission, providing crucial aid to the affected communities. The team distributed carefully packed boxes of food, dispatched from Poland, to those in need throughout the region. Their selfless dedication ensured that the most vulnerable individuals in war-stricken areas received vital assistance.

We, recognizing the urgency of the situation and the importance of humanitarian aid, not only contributed to the cause but also facilitated the mission by covering the fuel expenses. 

In the face of adversity, the spirit of solidarity and compassion shines through, as volunteers persevere to ensure that the basic needs of the most vulnerable are met. It is through such acts of kindness and generosity that a glimmer of hope emerges amidst the darkness, reminding us of the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

Join UkraineNow in our commitment to providing support to the affected communities of Ukraine.

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