Humanitarian Report: February 2023

Critical Hygiene Items Delivered to Pokrovsk

About 50km from the frontline, people in Pokrovs'k, Donetsk region, struggle with water supplies every day. Families with disabled children and those in need received hygiene items and baby formulas.

Run by UkraineNow, Blueboard, Liutyi, The Shield

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Pokrovs’k is a city in the East of Ukraine that has been greatly affected by the war. Many settlers from currently occupied territories have come there, looking for safety and hoping to return to their homes once the war is over.

However, as the town is constantly under shelling, they lack basic necessities like water and hygiene items. This is a challenge for families with kids and those who have special health conditions.

Our partners, social organization “The Shield”, works in Pokrovsʼk helping vulnerable members of the community to get access to those essential goods.

We joined efforts with Charity Foundation “Liutyi” to buy and deliver hygiene items and baby formulas to those people.

The purchase was enabled by Blueboard, a US-based company that donated the significant amount to fund the delivery.

How we organized the delivery

The purchase was made by volunteers of UkraineNow in the city of Dnipro to ensure that the products reached the recipients in a timely manner.

The delivery of the humanitarian aid was handled by CF “Liutyi”. However, this was not an easy task as the volunteers faced many dangers during the delivery process. Given the proximity to the frontline zone, the volunteers had to be extra cautious to ensure their safety.

    Why help matters now & tomorrow

    One of the individuals who received hygiene items was Alina, a 27-year-old girl who requires assistance with eating and daily tasks. Her father recently had a stroke, and her mother is constantly by her side, providing care and support.

    And of all that her family faces during war.

    There are also about 50 families with children who require assistance, including families with disabled children.

      Next steps

      Hygiene items and baby formula are a regular need for those living in Pokrovs'k, as the city experiences significant challenges with water supply. In Pokrovs'k, volunteers met a displaced family from a currently occupied city with seven children who require assistance.

      Sometimes there is no water for a week, making it difficult for families to maintain adequate hygiene. Even simple items like wet wipes become critical.

      The success of this humanitarian project would not have been possible without the support of donors. The generosity and dedication of the employees of the US-based company Blueboard made a significant difference in the lives of people our partners “The Shield” support.

      The volunteers are grateful for the opportunity to serve those in need and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the community.

      About UkraineNow

      UkraineNow is a non-profit organization based in the USA, comprised of volunteers across the world. Our goal is to provide immediate humanitarian help to Ukrainians and other nations on the ground. 

      We partner with organizations and volunteers to make the impact happen in a matter of weeks instead of months.

      $549,619 fundraised

      $520,945 spent on initiatives

      About NGO "Shield"

      NGO "Shield" is a non-profit organisation based in Pokrovs'k, Donetsk region, Ukraine. Located close to the frontline, it focuses on providing immediate help tp citizens.

      "Shield" delivers and distributes humanitarian aid to the frontline territories as well as provides essential survival and educational trainings to civilians in the Donetsk region.