Wrapping Up Future Money Masters: Celebrating 7 Weeks of Transformation

Empowering Ukrainian Youth to Become Turnaround and Crisis Managers

With the final curtain falling on an enriching journey, we proudly look back on the "Future Money Masters" course, a transformative seven-week exploration of finance and entrepreneurship. This immersive experience has not only armed us with knowledge but also fostered connections among speakers, students, and our community.

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At the heart of this endeavor stood our distinguished lead speaker, Thomas Desmond. His insights have illuminated the path to financial understanding. Alongside him, George Psomas and Elena Goynatsky added unique dimensions to the course, offering a comprehensive view of the subject. Our guest speakers, Iuliia Kolomiiets and Nataliya Nova, added diverse perspectives that broadened our horizons. Our live translation team, Orest Mysiak and Anastasiia Dmytrenko, ensured inclusivity for all attendees. Operating seamlessly behind the scenes was Operations Manager Kateryna Bleskova, orchestrating the logistical aspects of the course. Additionally, Alina Danilova, our marketing whiz, played a pivotal role in shaping our marketing strategy, adding her creative brilliance to the course's success.

Course Highlights Aligned with Goals

The "Future Money Masters" course aimed to guide us on the path to successful entrepreneurship using financial and economic knowledge. It extended beyond business ownership, emphasizing a mindset empowered by practical tools. The course enabled us to confidently manage personal finances, make informed career decisions, and navigate investments.

Throughout these seven weeks, we witnessed pivotal moments where engaging discussions and insightful questions enriched our learning experience. These moments have expanded our horizons and enhanced our financial acumen and entrepreneurial skills.

Future Money Masters
Future Money Masters

Embracing Opportunities

A notable highlight was the opportunity for the most active participants to intern at New England Consulting Partners, led by Thomas Desmond. This chance to work on real projects and expand our professional network underscores the course's practical impact.

Appreciating Our Students

Our heartfelt thanks extend to our dedicated students, whose enthusiasm and active participation have created an inspiring and enriching learning community. Your commitment has made this journey one of collective empowerment.

Parting Words of Wisdom from Thomas

As we conclude this transformative course, Thomas Desmond leaves us with key principles:

- Cash is King.
- Greed is a Vice; it fogs one’s judgment.  It has no place in our decision-making process.
- Never sell yourself short or put it another way: never underestimate your abilities.
- Never allow yourself to be intimidated intellectually or emotionally.

Moving Forward

As we bid farewell to this impactful journey, we carry forward the gained wisdom, connections, and empowerment. Armed with a newfound understanding of finance and a resilient entrepreneurial spirit, we eagerly embrace future challenges.

For more information, please contact kate.b@ukrainenow.org 

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Orest Mysiak, Elena Goynatsky, Tomas Desmond, Anastasiia Dmytrenko, Tanya (Anastasiia’s Mom)

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