CDMX46 - Irina (2 women and a kid)

The refugee family lived for a month with an abusive host family in New Jersey. They found this family though a friend. The host was shouting all the time. Uliana (girl 8yo) was afraid to leave the room. Two women worked for the host at the house. The host was sending hints that he wanted to have an intimate relationship with Irina. The refugee family was scared but they were also afraid to go to another host family.

This case came to us from Katya M. (volunteer of NovaUkraine) and she asked us for help with the case. The plan was to take them to Cleveland (the resettlement program organized by the city council). We were in the process of moving them there, Nova Ukraine has sent $1500 to the refugee family via PayPal and booked them a hotel for 5 nights at North Brunswick, NJ. One of our volunteers drove them from Manhattan, NY to Brunswick, NJ. They went to the immigration appointment in Elizabeth, NJ and then were transferred to Cleveland. Our case managers are in constant contact with them and helping out with educational resources and psychological support.

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